Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How do you find out the reason why a report is not being used for dynamic sourcing?

VLDB properties may be enabled in Intelligent Cube reports and user reports to include 

Dynamic Sourcing diagnostic messages in SQL View. Report designers can then view the 

messages immediately without accessing the Intelligence Server machine.

In an Intelligent Cube report, the following log is available for SQL View:
  • Cube Parse Log
In user reports, the following logs are available for SQL View:
  • Report Parse Log
  • Mismatch Log
  • Extended Mismatch Log
If the Cube Parse Log is enabled in SQL View and the Intelligent Cube is fully available for 

Dynamic Sourcing, the following will be seen at the bottom of the cube report's SQL View:

Dynamic Sourcing Logs:

Cube Parse Log:

Intelligent Cube is eligible for Dynamic Sourcing

The Cube Parse Log may identify reasons why the cube, or certain metrics within the cube, are 

not available for Dynamic Sourcing. Here, one of the required outer join properties was not 


Cube Parse Log:

Intelligent Cube is ineligible for Dynamic Sourcing


Error code legend:
CMI_VLDB_INCOMPLETE_LOOKUP_PROBLEM - The Intelligent Cube cannot be used for 

dynamic sourcing because of lookup table problems

To illustrate report parsing and mismatch messages, consider an Intelligent Cube containing 

the Month attribute and Revenue metric. If a user report includes Month, Revenue and Profit, 

the three logs together produce the following messages, explaining that Profit in the user 

report could not be found in any eligible cube.

Dynamic Sourcing Logs:

Report Parse Log:

Report is eligible for Dynamic Sourcing

Mismatch Log:
The report parsed OK, but no cubes were found to match
Could not use cube: Cube with transformation Error:
Report Metric vs Cube checks failed.
Extended Mismatch Log:
The report parsed OK, but no cubes were found to match

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