Monday, August 20, 2012

How does the different document sections work in MicroStrategy

I have created a sample document with year , month and the required metrics. 

In detail header I have created text boxes which is available in insert tab and typed the required column names.

In the detail section I just drag dropped the attributes and metrics from the dataset on the left and placed them correctly aligned below the static headers.
The detail section gives you one row for every attribute element 

next for the subtotals or grand totals , it needs to be placed in the detail footer. Drag drop the metrics alone in teh detail footer
and add a static text box to the left called Total.

Refer screenshots of the output.(first 3)

Next is an example where I placed year in the group and when you do that a header and footer gets created for year apart from detail footer.

So now when I place the metrics in the year footer it creates subtotal for every year and  the metrics placed in the document footer calculates the grand total.

See screenshot 4 and 5

Rule of Thumb

1. When a metric is placed in detail section then it displays values for every row.
2. When metric is palced in document header/footer or detail header/footer then it gives grandtotals.
3. When placed in page header or footer gives page totals.
4. When metrics are placed in group header or footer it gives group subtotals

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