Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How to enable/disable change journaling for a project?

The following procedure describes how administrators can enable or disable change 
journaling for all projects within a project source:

  1. In Desktop, log into a project source. The user logging in to Desktop must be granted the "Audit Change Journal" privilege.
  2. Expand Administration, and then expand System Monitors.
  3. Right-click Change Journal Transactions and select Manage Change Journal. 
  4. To enable or disable change journaling for this project source, select or clear the Enable change journaling check box.
  5. To enable or disable change journaling for all projects in the project source, select the Apply to all projects check box.
  1. If the desired action is to disable for all, but "Enable change journaling" is unchecked, 
  2. perform the following actions in this order:
    1. Check "Enable change journal" and "Apply to all projects".
    2. Click OK.
    3. Return to the Change Journal Manager.
    4. Uncheck "Enable change journal" and check "Apply to all projects"
    5. Click OK again. This will disable the change journaling for all projects if 
  3. "Enable change journaling" was not checked to begin with.
  4. Click OK. Change journaling should be enabled/disabled for each project,
depending on whether the option has been checked or unchecked.


  1. Thanks Poornima. I am able to comment (change Journal) on desktop, but i could not find the option for Web. do you have any idea? I want to comment my changes on Web development.

  2. I assume that you have enabled commenting in the section 'Optional Actions' by Clicking "Tools" > "Desktop Preferences" > "Optional Actions" and selecting "Display change journal comments input dialog". From my knowledge I think change journaling does not work in web. All the settings made are for the desktop