Friday, August 17, 2012

How do you handle report overflow in pdf?


I have 3 datasets in which 2 of them are small reports which I placed at top portion of the document where as the third dataset is a big one and I placed this at the bottom of first two reports. All the three datasets fetch data for last 7 days. When I run this documnet in desktop and view this in pdf view the third report is overflowing to the next page, is there a way we can limit this so that it would fit in one page per a day. Third report has 150- 200 rows per a given day. In web we can scroll down the report to see all the rows but looking for a way to restrict the overflow in pdf. This document has to be delivered through email as a pdf attachment to the users.


Following are the options

1.Make the fit to 1 page setting in Page Setup of the document but this will fit all the three grids in one page. 
(Screenshot 1)


2. Keep 2 grids in one section. Then insert section below and place the third grid in the second section. Then force new page after first section (Screenshot 2). That way the third grid will be in another page and also make the page 1 setting.


3. If you want the  third grid alone to dispkay per day in pdf. Place 2 grids in one layout then Create new layout. IN that place day in grouping section as I have placed year in the grouping section of the layout(3 screenshot). Right Click on group and set the properties to page break between groups

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