Thursday, August 30, 2012

What is the command to start/stop IS and Listener?

Create a script file like below to stop and start the Intelligence Server and the Microstrategy Listener and save it as "services.scp".

/*For the Intelligence Server*/
STOP SERVER IN "<machine name>";
START SERVER IN "<machine name>";
/* For the Listener*/
STOP SERVICE "MAPING" IN "<machine name>";
START SERVICE "MAPING" IN "<machine name>"
Construct the following command with the above script file and save it as "services.bat"

cmdmgr -n "MicroStrategy Analytics Modules" -u "Administrator" -p "password" -f 

"C:\Documents and Settings\machine\Desktop\Services.scp" -o "C:\Documents and Settings\machine\Desktop\Services.log"And you can use this .bat file to start and stop the Intelligence Server and the Listener.


  1. Good info...
    But i want to know What is Listener? and why are we stoping and starting a Listener?

  2. A listener checks the availability of I server on the network and also interacts with any web products.It monitors the start and restart of the I server.