Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What are the considerations when exporting to excel?

  • Does not support overlapped objects
  • Lines and Rectangles do not display - Use text box border
  • Word wrappping does not work
  • Images with relative paths do not function well. Change to absolute paths or embed images
  • Choose excel compatible colors
  • Use ms excel supported graphs. Graphs not supported- gauge and combination graphs are not supported

Monday, July 29, 2013

What are the different types of layouts in documents?

Zone based Layouts
--Scorecards and dashboards
--Graphical Content
--Multiple tables and graphs
--On Screen Display
Banded Layouts
--Operational Reports
--Densely populated data
--Mutil-page repeating reports
Combined Layouts
--Classic Business Report is an example

What are the different types of documents?

Operational Reports

Orgainizes data into densely populated reports
Rows of details grouped in easy to read fashion

Classic Business Reports

Create business reports using charts and grids

Invoices and statements

Personalized for billing or communicating with recipients.
Predefined structure with dynamically populated fields.

Scorecards and Dashboards

Uses KPI's - measures that business used to determine its success.
Combines tables, graphs, labels, gauges, thresholds

Managed Metric Reports

Highlight measurements using conditional formatting