Bugs in 9.3

Metric with a custom format dd days resolves as dd-1 days in MicroStrategy Web 9.2.1 and 9.3.0

In desktop it works fine as shown below.

In web it shows dd-1 days

Conditional Formatting on Dates does not work when exporting to Excel

Conditional formatting on a date column when exported to excel gives the actual html code.

Displaying metrics names in documents (Web or Ipad)

When a metric name is changed in a grid report using Data->Report Data Options->Alias from say count to countnew and this grid report is added to the document then the metric name is still showing the old name "count". Even if grid is selected as a shortcut in the document it does not work. However on the datasets window the metric is showing the new alias name and if u remove the metric from the grid and pull it back its showing the new name.

Although only some of the series values are disabled, all the series show no value in flash mode in 9.3

In the below graph we have only disabled the values for books but none of the series are displaying values in flash mode.

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