Whats new in MicroStrategy 9.3.1

I attended the webcast last Friday presented by MicroStrategy discussing the new features of 9.3.1. I wanted to share the same with you.

New Features in Mobile

Auto-Refresh of Documents

A document can now refresh itself after a period of time to show real time information. On mobile client, the document would be re-executed once the auto -refresh timer times out.

This setting is available under the section Document Properties->Mobile->Refresh Document every x seconds.

Background Document Execution

 Along with 9.3.1. comes the new feature to send long running documents to be completed in the background. This allows to queue the reports/documents in a deferred inbox and view the results later. While these deferred reports run in the background, users can continue with other manipulations.

Information Window Enhancements

New animated window mode transitions have been added like
  • Appear
  • Fill Up
  • Scale Up
  • Slide

  • Above
  • Below 
  • Left 
  • Right

Graph Matrix Widget

This widget is a grid of graphs and uses incremental rendering for optimized performance.

Signature Capture Widget

  • This new widget allows user to tap on the editable signature field. 
  • Input control appears in full screen and user signs
  • User taps "done" and the signature will appear in the field and will be saved as an image file on the mobile server.

Searchbox Selector

Supports multi-selection for attribute elements. Search for specific attribute elements by typing in key words and selecting the desired items.

Enhanced Interactivity for Visaulization Widgets

Expanded support of Link Drilling, Info Window and Selection for Widgets
  • Calendar
  • Graph Matrix
  • Heat Map
  • Image Viewer
  • Time Series
  • Timeline

Microchart Tree Mode and Design Enhancements

Three levels of Outline Mode for Sparklines and Bullet Graphs

New Design Themes

  • Light 
  • Dark 
  • Custom

Mobile Client-side Statistics Gathering

With Enterprise Manager Client-side Statistics can be gathered. 

Following are some of the statistics that can be collected

  • App version
  • OS version
  • Local Rendering Time
  • Device Cache usage vs Server Cache
  • Execution Type: User, Pre-cached, System Recovery, Report Queue or Back button Execution
  • Network Type and Bandwidth
  • Document View Time
  • Number of Manipulations

More New Graphs

Waterfall Graph and Overlapping Bar Graph are the new graphs added in this new version.

Massive Performance Gains

Improvements in 
  • Binary Compression
  • Definition Caching
  • Density Maps Performance improvements
  • Grid Optimizations for memory/Limit on cells to 30K

Pre-Cache Multimedia, and Indicate Update to Users

Rich Content Management Capabilities available like Multimedia Pre-caching and Multimedia Indicator

  • App developers can configure documents with multimedia widgets to pre-cache all multimedia content.
  • All multimedia is securely stored locally, for quick access and offline availability
  • Pre-caching occurs in background while user is busy using other parts of the app.

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